• A paradigm shift in the detection, prevention and personalised management of chronic diseases

We have developed 
a better way 

manage heart 

After years of research, we have developed an exciting new way to detect and manage heart problems.  In fact, we believe that we are able to detect heart issues much better than current methods of examining cholesterol and brachial blood pressure.

We use a Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA) test to determine your risk factors for heart disease. The PWA is considered the global "gold standard" in non-invasive cardiovascular testing and is featured in over 1,500 scientific publications. It is also used in the top 20 hospitals in the USA.


Make good healthcare universally accessible and affordable
Reduce the social and economic burden of chronic disease


Early detection and prevention of chronic lifestyle diseases
Make physically, metabolically and genetically personalised programs
Provide connected, agile and affordable 


An end-to-end heart management regime, comprised of three simple steps...


Register as a Cardiaction member and receive a discount on your PWA test, access to our advanced monitoring platform and discount on supplements.


Perform a PWA test with one of our pulse wave experts.  The results of this test, combined with your preferences will allow us to risk stratify you and give you tailored health guidance.


Access our monitoring platform and to get access to your tailored health guidance.  The platform will send you daily prompts to encourage lifestyle change and enable us to see your progress.

...using innovation to provide you with:

Leading Edge Science

Our risk stratification algorithms use leading edge health science, so that you can identify heart issues that others are completely missing.


Giving you valuable time to act and make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Tailored Interventions

The combination of the PWA results and an understanding of your current behaviours and preferences will result in a set of interventions. 

These tailored interventions are comprised of 

nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical and educational 


Motivating Gamification

The monitoring platform contains a gamification engine, which is used to accumulate points for members as they engage with their behaviour change.


As a member, you will receive discounts for 

nutraceutical purchases made with our pharmacy 

partner Oakley-Brown.

Technologically Accessibility

We have a mobile-based monitoring solution that is used to hold your tailored interventions.  

It is also used to capture your PWA results and the monitoring of biometric results in your own home.


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